Frequently Asked Questions
Cavoodle in Sydney NSW, at Crown Oak Puppies.

What breeds do you offer?

Here at Crown Oak Puppies we have Cavoodles and Moodles.

How often are puppies available?

Though we can't guarantee puppies to be available at all times, Crown Oak Puppies operates full time. There are always friendly staff about who are more than happy to talk you through what we're expecting and can add you to our waiting list. 

Can we visit Crown Oak Puppies?

Yes, prospective owners are welcome to visit Crown Oak Puppies by appointment. During visits, you can meet our adorable puppies and view their parents, providing insight into their temperament and environment.

What care do puppies receive before they go to new homes?

All of our puppies are wormed, vaccinated and microchipped. Each puppy is personally health checked by our veterinarian and receives daily socialisation with both people and other puppies. 

The difference between first and second generation Cavoodles?

First-generation Cavoodles are the offspring of a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a purebred Poodle. Second-generation Cavoodles result from breeding two Cavoodles together. Both generations possess unique traits, and our team is happy to discuss which may best suit your lifestyle and preferences. Crown Oak Puppies are strong advocates for and primarily breed second generation Cavoodles, all of our dogs are DNA tested.

What do new puppy owners receive with their puppy?

New puppy owners receive a comprehensive puppy pack, including essential documents such as an 18 month health guarantee, a veterinary health check, a desexing voucher, vaccination records, and microchip details. This all comes in your helpful My Puppy Handbook to make it easier to keep on top of puppy paperwork when visiting the vet or using parasite prevention. Additionally, they receive a supply of the puppy's current food, a plush toy with the scent of their littermates for comfort, and ongoing breeder support from the Crown Oak team.

What is Crown Oak's puppy adoption process?

The journey begins with reaching out and visiting our parks to meet puppy parents and available puppies. Our team then provides important information and asks questions to determine the suitability of the puppy's new home and family before placing a confirmation deposit. If a match is made before the lucky puppy is ready to go home, Crown Oak will keep the new family updated and send helpful videos and information to ensure they are fully prepared for the big day! On adoption day, the Crown Oak team conducts a one to two-hour orientation before the puppy begins its next chapter. Crown Oak Puppies provides ongoing support to all their puppies and community.

What breeding practices does Crown Oak Puppies implement?

At Crown Oak Puppies, we adhere to strict ethical and responsible breeding practices. This includes prioritising the health and well-being of our dogs, genetic testing to prevent hereditary diseases, ensuring comfortable living conditions, and providing a variety of socialisation activities and environments, as well as veterinary care for all our dogs and puppies. At Crown Oak, each and every one of our dogs has its own unique needs and personality, and adds a lot to our big family. 

How do we stay in touch with Crown Oak Puppies?

You can stay in touch with Crown Oak Puppies by requesting to join our private group on Facebook, the Crown Oak Puppies Community, following us on Facebook or Instagram. And we are never more than a phone call away!

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